ESS Online Summer School 2021: Call for Contributions

[You can download this call for contributions as PDF here.]

As you may know, in this event we want to try different things, to explore new paths as well as to overcome the distance created by having to have the event online. So, we are providing spaces for members and participants to contribute themselves, so that we are all able to hear and share your voice and be inspired by you.

This is a Call for Contributions for the ESS summer event 2021 in whichwe want to invite all ESS members and other participants of the event to share their knowledge and experiences with our fellow shakuhachi players. 

The contributions are organised into two modalities:

  1. Performance: This offers the possibility of sharing a video of your performance of a piece of your choosing. There are no constraints as to musical genre but the video should be original and no longer than 6 minutes. Please be careful of the audio and video quality (we suggest you find a well-lit and quite space, take care of your position in the frame and to check both the audio and video before sending it in).
  2. Other contributions: We imagine that besides performing, you might have something to share with us fellow shakuhachi players. This could be from your personal playing tips, to a technical exercise, a reflection on a particular issue or any other thing related to our instrument, its music’s and practice. These kinds of contributions could be either filmed or done live with the only limitations being approximately 10 minutes in length and in English. Should you wish to contribute live, please send us an email indicating the topic of your contribution and the approximate length so that we can program it into the event. If you wish to participate with a video, please follow the steps indicated below which are the same as for the performance contributions.

Since your video file will probably be too large to be sent via email, we suggest that you use a file transfer service. This is just a way to send big files online and several of them are completely free and do not require registering as a user (‘wetransfer’ is just one example). You will have to indicate a recipient for the files and you can use the contact form below.

The deadline for sending your contributions in is Wednesday 7th July, 2021.

We are sure that there are many great potential contributions out there so please, please do share them with us all.